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Wd-a10 is exported to Tajikistan and guided commissioning

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In early June, wugao electric test production workshop came the news that a set of WD-A10 cable fault tester exported to Tajikistan was completed, passed the factory test, waiting for customer acceptance. The company's technical summer workers operate the equipment, and assist customers to help find the fault point, the training of the equipment, and the matters needing attention during operation are informed to customers, the next time we encounter the same problem, we can find the fault point in time. The equipment is fully functional and easy to operate.


"Step by step, progress a little bit every day" is the slogan of Wugao electric measurement. In the pursuit of the development of the international stage, I believe that wu Gao electrical measurement is going further and further.


Cable fault tester test range

1, can test all kinds of different voltage levels, different sections, different media and all kinds of materials of power cable fault, including: open circuit, short circuit, low resistance, high resistance leakage, high resistance flasover fault.

2. It can test all kinds of faults of railway communication control cable, street lamp cable and airport signal cable.

3. The speed of radio wave propagation in any cable of known length can be measured.

4, can test the cable direction and buried depth.