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Won the bid for a power engineering unit in Ningxia to test a batch of first-level equipment

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In terms of power detection solutions, Wugao electric measurement has a very rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience, for many power engineering units to provide high-quality technical solutions, and by the majority of engineering units trust.


What is the role of the permit for installation (repair, trial) of power facilities?

For electric power construction enterprises to undertake (repair, test) qualification license is like a "id card", want to apply for this license is, of course, the enterprise itself to achieve certain conditions, because only this "ID card" can carry out a series of construction and business activities.

Installation (repair, trial) of power facilities license is currently engaged in electric power, transmission and distribution, photovoltaic power generation and new energy power generation industry installation engineering contract construction, project maintenance and test enterprises are required to have the facility license qualification. With the installation (repair, test) power facilities license enterprises can not only gain advantages in the bidding, but also decoration test qualification license is a reflection of the strength of the enterprise, and can increase the trust and favor of customers.