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I company for the henan huaxian county enjoys goldwind electric cable fault

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Hot summer in July 2021, invited by Beijing tianrun new can of east China branch, wu electric logging technicians for henan huaxian county enjoys embellish jinfeng electric cable fault. On-site technical personnel use WD A10 - cable fault tester equipment, on the ground line fault, the first failure in the relevant circumstances, to make a comprehensive analysis, find out the cause of the failure, and then targeted to find out more.

Henan, huaxian county enjoys embellish of the electric field (35 kv cable) - technical personnel

For embedded wire length longer ground line, the combined with WD A10 - cable fault test instrument using, very save manpower and time cost, so the ground line are in urgent need of more professional, more effective fault detection instrument.

Excavators digging with workers

Using the WD A10 - cable fault testing instruments, to cooperate after technology, testing ground line fault, the effect is very good, high efficiency. We through a lot of practice, the general test a ground line fault, from start to finish within 30 minutes, and high accuracy. To find fault point, the fast for buried cable fault maintenance.

Henan, huaxian county enjoys embellish electric field (35 kv cable) - goldwind excavator work