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WZRS-40A Transformer Three-channel DC Resistance Tester

The instrument is a rapid tester integrating the functions of magnetic aid method, three-phase test (Yn, Y, △) and degaussing. It is an ideal device for measuring the DC resistance of large power transformers. The screen adopts a true-color large-screen high-resolution LCD screen, and the touch and shuttle knob operation is convenient for on-site use. With English menu prompt function, the operation is simple and intuitive, and all direct resistance test items can be completed in one connection, with fast test speed, high accuracy and wide range.

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Current output

Single-phase 40A, 20A, 10A, 5A, 1A, 0.2A, 10mA, <1mA

Three-phase 20A+20A, 10A+10A, 5A+5A, 1A+1A, 0.2A+0.2A

Measurement Range

single phase

40 A gear 0.1mΩ0.5Ω 20 A gear 0.5mΩ1 Ω

10 A gear 1.0mΩ2 Ω 5 A gear 10 mΩ4 Ω

1 A gear 0.1Ω20Ω 0.2A gear 1.0 Ω100Ω

10mA block 50Ω2kΩ <1mA block 500Ω25kΩ

three phase

20A + 20A block 0.2mΩ 0.3Ω

10A + 10A block 0.5mΩ 0.6Ω

5 A + 5 A block 10 mΩ ~ 1.5Ω

1 A + 1 A block 0.1 Ω 7.0 Ω

0.2A+0.2A block 1.0 Ω ~ 30 Ω


±(reading×0.2%+2 digits)

Working power

AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz

Operating temperature


Relative humidity

<90%, no condensation

Instrument volume


Instrument weight





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