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WDFJZ-V Handheld Arrester Discharge Counter

WDFJZ-V Lightning strike counter tester is used to verify the reliability of various arrester counter actions. Applicable to valve arrester (including silicon carbide common valve type <FZ and FCD>, silicon carbide magnetic blow valve type <FCZ and FCD> and zinc oxide arrester in the inspection and verification of the discharge action of the discharge recorder). It is suitable for testing under various conditions such as power plants, substations, maintenance workshops, laboratories, etc. The instrument adopts hand-held design, beautiful appearance and easy to carry.

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1. Output voltage: adjustable from 200 to 1600V;

2. Capacitance: 10uF;

3. Discharge current: greater than 100A;

4. Power supply mode: rechargeable lithium battery;

5. Dimensions: 238mm × 134mm × 45mm.




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