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WD-213X Cable fault tester set

The cable fault comprehensive test system is a comprehensive set of cable fault detection instruments. It can test the high-resistance flashover fault of the cable, the grounding of high and low resistance, short circuit and cable disconnection, poor contact and other faults. If equipped with an acoustic measuring method, the precise location of the fault point can be accurately determined. It is especially suitable for testing power cables and communication cables of various types and voltage levels. 

Composition of WD-213X 

1. Intelligent cable fault Tester (WD2133);

2. Cable tracing and fault locator (WD2132);

3. DC high-voltage generator (WD2131);

4. High-voltage equipment: discharge sampler, power-frequency high-voltage test device, pulse energy storage capacitor, complete set of special test lines, etc.

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WD2133 product parameters

1. Farthest test distance: 32km

2. Detection blind area: 1m

3. Read number resolution: 1m

4. Power consumption: 5w

5. Dimension: 325*165*225mm

6. Weight: 4kg

WD2132 product parameters

1. Farthest positioning distance of detection route and fault: the line diameter is less than 0.5. The cable is 3km, and the other cables can reach 20 km.

2. Fault insulation resistance value of accurate fixed point: 0-50M.

3. Positioning test accuracy: ± 10cm

4. Detection cable depth: 3m


WD-2131直流高压电源装置 .jpgWD2131 product parameters

1. Input power supply: AC 220V, 50Hz

2. Output voltage: DC 0~15kV (extended to 35KV or split AC 50KV DC 70KV)

3. Rated power: 2kVA

4. Ambient temperature: 0~40oC

5. Environmental humidity: <75%RH

6. Elevation: <1,000 m

7. Insulation grade: Grade A

8. Dimension: 430*540*410 mm




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