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WD3010 digital grounding resistance tester

WD3010 digital grounding resistance tester, also known as three-wire grounding resistance tester, grounding resistance meter, etc., is a common instrument for testing and measuring grounding resistance commonly used instruments. It adopts large LCD gray and white screen backlight display and microprocessor technology to meet the two-wire and three-wire test. The resistance requirement is a new generation of grounding measuring instrument that replaces the traditional shaking table measurement. It is suitable for telecommunications, electricity, meteorology, computer rooms, oil fields, power distribution lines, tower transmission lines, gas stations, factory grounding grids, lightning rods, etc.

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The digital grounding resistance tester is controlled by a microprocessor, and the large LCD gray-white screen displays the resistance value at a glance. Store 500 groups of data at the same time, 

Resistance measurement range: 0.01Ω~3000Ω, 

Ground voltage range: 0~600V. 

It has functions such as value hold and alarm prompt.

Ground resistance range

0.01Ω3000Ω Accuracy ±1.5%rdg±3dgt

Ground Resistance Resolution


Ground voltage range

0600V AC Accuracy ±1.5%rdg±3dgt

Ground voltage resolution


Baseline conditions

23℃±5℃, below 75%rh (auxiliary grounding resistance 100Ω±5%, voltage to ground <10V)


Earth resistance measurement, ground voltage measurement, low value resistance measurement

power supply

1.5V (LR14) alkaline batteries 6


Controllable gray and white screen backlight, suitable for use in dark places

measurement method

Precision three-wire measurement, simple two-wire measurement

Measurement methods

Grounding resistance: rated current pole changing method, 128Hz;

Test current

Voltage to ground: average value rectification

wire resistance check

20mA (sine wave)

display mode

Avoid errors caused by the test wire not fully inserted into the instrument interface or poor contact or the user replacing the extended test wire, so that the grounding resistance measurement is more accurate.

Measurement instructions

4-digit large LCD display, gray and white screen backlight

LCD size

LED flashing indication during measurement, LCD countdown display

Meter size


Test lead length

240mm (L)×188mm (W)×85mm (H)

Simple test lead

3 pieces: 15m for red, 10m for yellow, 1 piece for each of 5m green

Auxiliary ground rod

2: Yellow 1.5m, 1 green 1.5m each

measure time

2 roots

line voltage

Voltage to ground: about 3 times/second; grounding resistance: about 5 seconds/time

data storage

Measuring voltage to ground: measurement below AC 600V

Data access

500 groups, flashing "FULL" symbol indicates that the storage is full

overflow display

Data access function: "MR" symbol display

Alarm function

Overrange overflow function: "OL" symbol display

battery voltage

When the measured value exceeds the alarm setting value, an alarm prompt will be issued

Automatic shut-down

The battery voltage is insufficient, and the low battery symbol " " is displayed

Power consumption



The meter shuts down after about 15 minutes of inactivity

Standby: 40mA Max (backlight off)

Turn on the backlight: 43mA Max




Measurement: 120mA Max (backlight off)

Meter: 1230g (including battery)

Test line: 610g (including simple test line)

Auxiliary ground rod: 360g (2 pieces)

Working temperature and humidity

Gauge bag: 271g

Storage temperature and humidity

-10℃40℃; below 80%rh

Overload protection

-20℃60℃; below 70%rh

Insulation resistance

Grounding resistance: AC 280V/3 seconds between E-H and E-S ports

Pressure resistance

10MΩ or more (500V between circuit and case)

Electromagnetic properties

AC 3700V/rms (between circuit and case)

Suitable for safety regulations

IEC61010-4-3, radio frequency electromagnetic field≤1V/m




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